Peremeblі - flexible, aesthetically appealing, and affordable furniture that could be used to equip any space in any temporary housing.
During 3 weeks of work, our team created 3 main public spaces for the Khust Hostel: a meeting room, a coworking, a playroom, and a couple more. We created more than 10 working prototypes of furniture, which gradually filled up the space. After testing and getting feedback from the hostel’s team and its tenants, the prototypes shaped the basic typology of elements and went into circulation.
client: Khust Hostel
partnersDream Hostel Group
location: Khust, Ukraine
date: April - May 2022​​​​​​​
01 - Meeting space​​​​​​​
02 - Coworking
03 - Playroom
1. Affordability
Furniture design allows people to make them by themselves: from available materials, with a simple tool, without special professional skills.
2. Versatility 
Each object in the line should be used in as many ways as possible, to be multifunctional. Furniture units can be combined and connected, diversifying the typology and creating new ways of use. One unit in itself is valuable; several connected units are of a greater value than as many disconnected ones.
3. Openness
This is an open-ended project. Constant experiments in using and adapting furniture to residents' needs and context will create new typologies of objects. The project is open for copying, distribution, and rethinking by other people. The results of our work, recorded in detailed and simple instructions, become a common good.
4. Involvement
We develop and implement our solutions directly in the context of use and proximity to users. We become co-authors of residents’ everyday life, and residents become co-authors of design solutions. Our solutions encourage users to be actively involved in the creation of space, rethink its configuration and individual units, and find new ways of usage.